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Aspen The high quality rectified tiles of series Aspen 50x100 are as close as possible to the natural wood and bring harmony and elegance to the room. The tendency of natural look has been especially vivid in its expression in interior design. Wood design is one of the latest trends. The collection Aspen combine the sophistication and style of expensive hardwood with the durability and versatility of porcelain tile. Large format tiles are an easy way to modernize the look of your interior or exterior. Large format tiles withstand foot traffic, they are water and stain-resistant, easy to clean. Rectified tiles are practically identical in terms of length and width - the machines used to cut them work to very fine tolerances.
Atlanta Rectified tiles in series Atlanta are precisely produced to provide perfect straight edges and sizes, they have a symmetrical, clean, homogeneous look and extremely fine lines. The large format of the tiles – 50x100 have many advantages. The wood tile trends are not something new in the market but in recent years they have acquired increasing popularity thanks to the technological advances in the process to create an accurate and precise recreation of natural elements on the tiles’ surface. Wood desined tiles are perfect choice for spaces that need the durability of tile without sacrificing the style and charm of a wood look.
Tarragona The high quality digital printing of the rectified porcelain tiles from the Tarragona collection 50x100 allows to have different designs on each tile. These tiles provide a perfect look, and allow for extremely fine grout lines of 3mm or less. Because they’re so carefully produced, rectified tiles can be used to create a very clean, even and symmetrical look. Advantages - near seamless, when done right, looks very straight and square.
Tampa Cement look tiles have grown in popularity for their minimalistic and modern look. It has moved on from being just an architectural industrial material to a source of inspiration for interior finishes. The beauty of cement is it mixes so well with other materials, such as wood, marble, copper and brass. If you want to use in your home cement effect tiles, the rectified porcelain tiles from collection Tampa 50x100 are the wright choice. Rectified tiles are precisely produced, with straight edges and exact dimensions.
Sapporo When you’re looking for elegance and endurance, the classic look of stone tile will always be a great choice. The rectified porcelain tiles of series Sapporo 50x100 feature the classic beauty of natural stone and unmatched durability of the porcelain. With excellent variation and striking visuals, the series offers you the perfect way to complete your unique residential or commercial space with their indoor as well as outdoor applications. Rectified tiles are usually laid very close together with only a sliver of grout separating them, giving near-perfect straight edges and exact dimensions. These tiles provide a very clean, symmetrical look, and allow for extremely fine grout lines of 3mm or less.