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Our porcelain collections offer you stylish and practical solutions for your living room, bedroom, hallways, kitchen, terrace, garden, walls, office and commercial premises. Let us inspire you in a world of creative flooring where design and technology collaborate successfully to offer you countless possibilities for your home interior and exteriors.
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Cortes Porcelain tiles from series Cortes are in size 20.4x120.4 and are available in light gray and brown. The simple design, that perfectly reproduces the structure of wood can be used anywhere, even in the heart of the home - the kitchen. This is the room where the floor must be durable and easy to maintain.
Asturia The design of series Asturias is as close as possible to the natural appearance of the wood, and the tile structure follows the direction of the wooden pattern. Porcelain wood planks are a beautiful house detail that adapts to any setting. The series is available both in warm brown and in modern gray colors, and the size is 20.4x120.4 cm.
Iberica Series Iberica is in size 20.4x120.4 and comes in three colors that are suitable for most interior styles. The light natural color is typical for modern homes, allowing to focus on furnishings. The dark brown tiles will be a good choice for classic interiors, and the beige tile flooring will create a warm atmosphere in the home.
Turia Series Turia 20.4x120.4 cm successfully imitates the lamellas of the wooden parquet. It brings warmth and peace of the wood, but is moisture-proof, easy to maintain and can be used both in the interior and in the exterior of the home.The natural colors and the deep relief of the tiles are a great choice for the space in front of the house or on the terrace, something that cannot be done with natural wood flooring.
Chevron Series Chevron will give a remarkable and unique character to the home and definitely will not go unnoticed. Plane lines creating beautiful pattern on the floor are suited to the classic interior style. The colors are beige, brown and white and the size of the tiles is 20.4x120.4 cm.
Alboran The design of the series Alboran is a compilation of wood and stone. The trendy design and the large size 20.4x120.4 cm gives an attractive contemporary look to the interior. The collection is suitable for homes in the modern urban style.
Segura The tiles of series Segura are in size 20.4x120.4 and are in soft colors - beige, brown and light gray, which is increasingly used in modern urban interiors. The choice is varied and perfectly harmonizes with different styles of furniture. The surface is structural, and the wood is shown in its rough nature.