About us

Ceramica Fiore is a new ceramic line developed in accordance with the latest fashion trends in design within the ceramic industry.

The fresh look and the attractive design balance perfectly in the modern sizes 25x50, 25x40, 33x33, 45x45, 50x50, 30x60, 60x60, 20x120, 50x100  developed by  Fiore.  The brand is entirely developed by Italian designers and aims to offer various stylish and original interior solutions for your home.

The high quality materials used in the product development and the hi-tech digital printing technology employed in the final, decorating stage of the manufacturing process, make Fiore suitable for every taste. The product range of the brand includes porcelain tiles, floor and wall tiles, as well as, trendy and original decorative pieces, which express every individual style and preferences in an authentic way.

Ceramica Fiore is associated with style and sophistication, categories that transcend into the way our customers feel about themselves when experiencing the brand .


Nowadays, “going back to nature” has become quite trendy in every aspect of our everyday life.

This tendency has been especially vivid in its expression in interior design and in the materials and the textures used in furnishing.

The trend has also spread to the ceramic industry which has recently witnessed a technological breakthrough in the production techniques- namely, the Ink Jet, also known as Digital printing technology. The application of this technology, every depiction and texture printed on a ceramic surface is so astonishing ly realistic than it can be easily mistaken for natural stones, wood, textile and any other complex and detailed surfaces.

The collections presented here incorporate the latest trends in Italian design and production technology, which alone offers limitless possibilities when it comes to meeting individual tastes and needs and keeping up with the constantly changing tendencies on the market.

Ceramica Fiore turns your home into distinguishably special place.