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Our porcelain collections offer you stylish and practical solutions for your living room, bedroom, hallways, kitchen, terrace, garden, walls, office and commercial premises. Let us inspire you in a world of creative flooring where design and technology collaborate successfully to offer you countless possibilities for your home interior and exteriors.
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Quarry Quarry series (60x 120R / 60x 60R / 30x60R cm) gives a modern look to the room. The large size of the tile creates a visual feeling of space.
Orochiaro Orochiaro (60x120R/ 60x60R / 30x60R cm) has an attractive marble pattern with interwoven gold threads. The series brings a feeling of luxury and timeless elegance. What distinguishes the Orochiaro series, however, is the design of the tile, which can be used both in the form of attractive flooring and as an impressive and eye-catching wall accent. The various applications of the tile allow its interesting combination with stone materials or those with a stone finish. And the combination fits perfectly in any room - from the kitchen, through the living room and bedroom, to the bathroom and hallway.
Orobianco Soft white marble look with beige veins. Create modern trendy look into the space with Orobianco. The porcelain collection is available in sizes 60x120R/60x60R/30x60R all rectified.
Merona The large format porcelain tiles from the Merona series (60x120R/ 60x60R/ 30x60R cm) have a beige marble design. The tiles from this collection create a relaxed atmosphere in the home. Merona series is extremely suitable for the living room. The series in elegant beige color, allowing the creation of interiors in different styles.
Merletto Series Merletto – a modern interpretation of black marble with white veins in large format 60x120 R/60x60R/ 30x60R that will bring any wall or floor space to life. The Merletto series contains the magic of dark shades and natural luxury. With their magnetic black color, defined by white lines, the tiles of this series become an excellent solution for flooring in the bathroom and hallway. The neutral color and interesting design of the Merletto tiles in size 60x120R, 60x60R and 30x60R cm, allow them to be used both as a beautiful accent in the room and as a basis for more non-standard interior projects.
District Series District is with cement design that is perfect for more industrial design. The collection is available in beige and grey color. The large format of the tiles provides a greater sense of spaciousness. Combine the 3 sizes to create a unique in/outdoor spaces.
Chateau Series Chateau will give a remarkable and unique character to the home and will not go unnoticed. Plane lines creating beautiful pattern on the floor are suited to the classic interior style. The large format tiles from the collection 60x120 R will bring a feeling of space combined with the coziness of the wood.
Century The rectified porcelain tiles in natural colors of series Century (60x120 R/60x60 R/30x60 R cm) will create a clean look and will give you the ability to make a space feel bigger. The warm tones of the series bring coziness in the house.
Cavatino Cavatino is available in sizes 60x120R, 60x60R and 30x60R cm. The type of the series is quite different - the marble has the well-known defining veins, but in gray. It is he who has a modern, but at the same time classic and universal style. These tiles fit perfectly in both the living room and the bathroom. They can be combined in all sorts of ways and with any materials. This makes them the perfect choice for those who are fans of many interior styles and like to combine them.
Arabesque With its vision and variety of tones in the gray range, rectified porcelain collection Arabesque (60x120 R/ 60x60 R/ 30x60R cm), with marble design, gives beauty and sophistication in any interior. The rich texture in gray captivates with elegance.
Evoque The tiles from series Evoque in beige and grey colors are interpreted in the design of cement. Evoque fits well in the garden, and more dynamics in the room can be achieved by adding decor size 60x60 cm. Among the advantages of granite tiles is their installation on walls in the interior, and Evoque guarantees durability and beauty for both the garden and the area around the pool.
Stonehenge Bring the feeling of natural stone with the Stonehenge series with a delicate texture of cut stone, in two colors ranges - beige and gray.
Bergen Bergen is a porcelain collection with wood look and Scandinavian notes in its design. The series has attractive decor - combination of different surfaces and shapes that will bring the feeling of stylish modern interior.
Carve Series Carve has warm and soft woody notes and a wide variety of faces. Carve brings the feeling of raw wood but has the advantages of porcelain tiles that makes it perfect for in/outdoor usage.
Pine The Pine series imitates raw sawn wood. The series has three colors - beige, brown and gray. Available in size 20.4x120.4 cm. Decking version is specially designed for outdoor spaces - swimming pools, terraces, gardens, etc.
Norfolk The modern shades of the Norfolk series bring the warmth of natural wood into the home, but with the advantages of porcelain tiles. The series is in size 20.4x120.4 cm, in three colors light beige, beige and brown.
Alpino New Wood Planks collection Alpino in size 15.5x60.5 cm. The collection has a decorative tile that immediately attracts attention and with it you can create a kind of a carpet on the floor or an accent wall. Available in 3 color ranges – beige, brown and gray.
Bohemia We present you our new collection porcelain tiles with wood design in size 15.5x60.5 cm - Bohemia. The series has a vision of an aged wood. Available in 3 colors - white, green & blue and is perfect for the fans of shabby chic and rustic style.
Aspen The high quality rectified tiles of series Aspen 50x100 are as close as possible to the natural wood and bring harmony and elegance to the room. The tendency of natural look has been especially vivid in its expression in interior design. Wood design is one of the latest trends. The collection Aspen combine the sophistication and style of expensive hardwood with the durability and versatility of porcelain tile. Large format tiles are an easy way to modernize the look of your interior or exterior. Large format tiles withstand foot traffic, they are water and stain-resistant, easy to clean. Rectified tiles are practically identical in terms of length and width - the machines used to cut them work to very fine tolerances.
Barrel With soft, pastel tones and elegant natural wood shades, the 20x120 R Barrel series is entirely dedicated to natural materials and light & calm tones, in search of coziness and functionality. The tiles from the collection impress with elegance and a strong wood flader, resembling natural wood flooring. The colors of the series are beige, brown and gray.
Amarante Thanks to its color range, the 20x120 R series Amarante immediately attracts attention. The collection has a decorative tile with which you can create a kind of carpet on the floor or accentuate the wall. The series is available in 2 color ranges - beige and gray.
Tarragona The high quality digital printing of the rectified porcelain tiles from the Tarragona collection 50x100 allows to have different designs on each tile. These tiles provide a perfect look, and allow for extremely fine grout lines of 3mm or less. Because they’re so carefully produced, rectified tiles can be used to create a very clean, even and symmetrical look. Advantages - near seamless, when done right, looks very straight and square.
Cortina Our new porcelain collection Cortina with natural stone-like design. The series is available in our new larger size 60x120 R.
Space In the interior design, the choice of flooring is extremely important. Space is available in sizes 60x120 R and 60x60. The series will add feeling of light in the family home, creating a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. You can use the beige or gray porcelain to emphasize the furnishings because the floor acts as a light source.
Tirol Porcelain series Tirol gives you the opportunity to bring the concrete, industrial look at home while keeping the technical advantages and qualities of porcelain. Tirol has several digital faces of design that enhance the cement look by avoiding repetition of design. The collection is in size 60x120 R, 60x60 R and 60x60.
Trieste If you choose series Trieste in formats 60x120 R and 60х60, you will easily achieve a modern, harmonious and hospitable home. The color of the porcelain tiles - cream, make them suitable for any space and easy to combine with different interior styles.
Oasis Cement design in the home with series Oasis 60x120 R. Thanks to its stylish design that recreates the beauty of the cement, Oasis 60x120 R/ 60x60 R can be used in all rooms of your home.
Subway Subway is porcelain collection with cement look in size 60x120 R, 60x60 R and 30x60 R. The available colors are light grey, grey and taupe. Subway has print decor, to add modern look at any space. For size 30x60 R & 60x60 R the design is printed in light structure.
Stoneline Our newest stone look collection inspired by the soft appearance of natural stone. Offered in two rich color palette - grey and beige - which comes alive with movement, created by delicate highlights of light greys and white lines. Stoneline collection is available in three sizes - 60x120 R, 60x60 R and 30x60 R and with two different surfaces - satin mat and natural - specially created for outdoor spaces with high anti-slip resistance. For size 30x60 & 60x60 (w/o outdoor 30x60R & 60x60 R) the design is printed in light structure.
Nordic Natural stone basalt reinterpreted by multi-surfaced porcelain collection Nordic has a dark-colored, fine-grained design with smooth monochromatic style. Available in 6 neutral colors in beige and grey nuances, in sizes 60x60 and 30x60. Nordic is a series, that will stand the test of the ages. Coming in two different surfaces to satisfy any needs both in indoor and outdoor spaces.
Cubo Series Cubo is a new and modern porcelain collection with calm stone design. The series is available in sizes 60x60 and 30x60 in white and brown color. The variety of faces and textures of the collection will give the space natural look and allows you to mix it and create unique spaces.
Habanera Create a new look of the room with wood design tiles from series Habanera available in two colors – natural and brown, combining the beauty and the warmth of the wood and the durability of the porcelain.
Matera Series Matera is available in 4 colors - natural, beige, taupe and brown. Add the vision of natural wood with porcelain tiles with the modern wood design of collection Matera.
Como Series Como is suitable for different spaces and looks good in combination with different styles. The collection is available in 3 colors - natural, beige and brown and the surface of this porcelain tile recreates the look of natural wood flooring.
Marmi The marble will make every interior modern and stylish. The high-quality porcelain tiles from the Marmi series (60x60/30x60) perfectly mimic the natural marble stones. Their whiteness creates a sense of spaciousness.
Mykonos Marble has always found its place in various interior and exterior solutions. The porcelain tiles of the Mykonos series perfectly reproduce the beauty of this stone, not only in appearance but also in touch. If you choose the series you will give class and unique style to your home.
Cortes Porcelain tiles from series Cortes are available in light gray and brown and make it suitable for the lovers of Nordic design. The simple design, that perfectly reproduces the structure of wood can be used anywhere, even in the heart of the home - the kitchen. This is the room where the floor must be durable and easy to maintain.
Asturia The design of series Asturias is as close as possible to the natural appearance of the wood, and the tile structure follows the direction of the wooden pattern. Porcelain wood planks are a beautiful house detail that adapts to any setting. The series is available both in warm brown and in modern gray colors, and the size is 20.4x120.4 cm.
Iberica Series Iberica comes in 3 colors that are suitable for most interior styles. The light natural color is typical for modern homes, allowing to focus on furnishings. The dark brown tiles will be a good choice for classic interiors/exteriors, and the beige tile flooring will create a warm atmosphere.
Turia Serie Turia brings the warmth and the peace of the wood, but with some advantages like moisture-proof, easy maintain and usage - in the interior and in the exterior of the home. The natural colors and the deep relief of the tiles are a great choice for the space in front of the house or on the terrace, something that cannot be done with natural wood flooring.
Alboran Unique combination – wood and stone in a single tile, with Scandinavian look. Make your home modish with series Alboran (20.4x120.4). Three colors - natural, grey and taupe, three different looks. Indoor or outdoor – you choose. The collection is suitable for homes in the modern urban style.
Segura The tiles of collection Segura are in soft colors - beige, brown and light gray, that are increasingly used in modern urban interiors and the combination of the 3 colors creates a fashion vision. The choice is varied and perfectly harmonizes with different styles of furniture. The surface is structural, and the wood is shown in its rough nature.
Merano The large format porcelain tiles of the Merano series 60x60 are developed based on the natural texture of the marble. The tiles from this collection will create a elegant and relaxed atmosphere in the home.
Santana Santana porcelain is a new and modern multi-format collection with sizes of 15.5x60.5cm, 30x60cm and 60x60cm. The vast variety of faces and textures gives to the space natural and unstrained finish.
Navona Marble floors are recognized as a symbol of high class and are often used in interior design to bring sophistication and elegance in the room. The stylish design of Navona series successfully reproduces the richness of the patterns in the natural marble. The colors are beige and gray, the sizes of the tiles are 15.5x60.5, 30x60 and 60x60 cm and their different structures allows for a variety of combinations.
Parga Your yard also deserves its fresh and stylish appearance, and you can easily achieve this by using the tiles from collection Parga. They skillfully recreate the raw beauty of concrete. You can also place them around the pool to achieve a modern look. You will find tiles of this series in the size 60x60, 30x60 and 15.5x60.5. Due to their technical characteristics, the porcelain tiles are resistant to the weather conditions.
Sparta Designs that resemble natural material, such as stone, are extremely popular with current trends. With the help of the tiles of the Sparta series, you can successfully bring the feeling of natural stone at your home. They are multi-faceted, and depending on how they are combined, different visions can be created. You can find the collection in two sizes - 30x60 and 15.5x60.5.
Onda The multiple face design of porcelain series Onda resembling wooden planks in size 15x90cm, will bring your room to life. The beautiful multistrip pattern results in extra elegance, giving your room added length and depth.
Braga Braga is a porcelain series consists of hardwearing, medium-sized tiles, 15x90cm, resembling planks, that look and feel exceptionally natural. Braga is not only beautiful but also durable in time and easy to maintain. Offered in brown, beige and gray, Braga fits perfectly everywhere.
Sierra The format of the porcelain series Sierra 15x90 is big enough to highlight the natural colour variations of wood in white, brown and grey but also compact enough to fit any living space. The deep and straight grooves also create a typical plank effect.
Acacia Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian design. With soft pastel tones, elegant natural wood shades, Acacia series is entirely dedicated to natural materials and bright, calm tones, looking for comfort and functionality. Acacia combines the durability that you need with the style you want. The look of the wood adds to your living space a sense of luxurious comfort that never loses its charm.
Bottega Porcelain tiles from collection Bottega are unique in every way. Resembles the look of a renovated, reclaimed wood floor with aged edges, cracked knots, saw cut structures and variations in color and dimensions of 15.5x60.5.
Canella Canella design is influenced by the look and feel of traditional solid timber providing a classy appearance within any setting. The collection comes with wide choice of 6 colors and several multiple faces of each design.
Jatoba Wood design on ceramic surfaces looks more and more realistic and its applications in the interior finds even more creative way. Serie Jatoba in size 15x60 is designed in natural wood shades of gray, brown and beige, each represented by a few multiple faces. Either for the wall or the floor, the various options for laying the tiles are only limited only by your imagination.
Moringa Moringa serie presented in four colors offers soft and cozy interpretation of natural wood for your home. The porcelain tiles are suitable for wall and floor application and the variety of different faces of the single color design contributes to the authentic look of wood texture. If you like to play with the colors by mixing the tiles you can create a modish room.
Tavolato Series Tavolato is the perfect substituent for the parquet floor in your home. Extremely pleasant natural colors, with a wood-like design, will make every home a dream place to relax.
Olive Serie Olive (15.5х60.5 сm) combines a variety of natural wood shades for wall or floor application, turning your home into a cozy, beautiful and last, but not least, modern place. Olive is offered in three colors - each printed with multiple faces, which enhances the natural effect of the wood, just as you come across it in nature.
Oxford Porcelain series Oxford (15.5x60.5 cm) is a great alternative to wood planks and natural timber elements for your home. The porcelain tile is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and has to offer a neat and stylish combination of white and beige colors with multiple faces of design. The collection is perfect for those fans of non-standard combinations of colors and shapes.
Yucca Porcelain series Yucca is a modern, ceramic alternative to the wooden planks that are a popular choice for the floor, especially for those looking to recreate the romantic feel and coziness of the past. The tiles are available in size 15.5x60.5 and three color variations of beige, brown and anthracite.The tiles have multi-functional application and can be easily selected as a wall accessory too.
Cordoba Cordoba is the porcelain alternative of wooden planks in size 10x70cm which mimic perfectly natural wood in color variations of beige, brown and grey. Whichever interior style you choose, the multiple face of the design, the structure and finish of the porceline tiles, allows you to create an inviting atmosphere
Alcora Porcelain series Alcora is size 10x70cm collection is wood in all its glory. Beautifully proportioned, these long and planks with multiple face of the design, will add warmth and character to any room. The series is available in grey, brown and beige.
Vintage Vintage Collection porcelain tiles is suitable for interior and public spaces. The modern and neutral white makes it easy to combine and match with other fabrics and colors.
Rapolano The texture combination of natural stone and concrete creates a whole new universe for ideas. Ideal for clean modern interior and public buildings.
Stucco Stucco series is available in two shades of gray. Realistic look of the concrete,soft colors and delicate shading make it practical and easy to use.
Avenue Series Avenue 60x60 surprises with its satin matte surface and a variety of digital faces of design. Series Avenue can be placed anywhere in your home, office or garden. The tiles are ideal for large spaces.
Studio Invite the nature at home with series of porcelain tiles Studio. Creative combination between aesthetics and functionality.